Roundabout Index: Carmel, IN

UPDATED 10.04.18

Active Roundabouts: 122
Roundabouts Currently Under Construction: 2
Remaining Unscheduled Stoplights: 15
Traffic Circles: 15

Official Carmel Roundabouts
πŸ”„001. 131st St. & River Rd.

πŸ”„002. 126th St. & Hazel Dell Parkway: Home Run
πŸ”„003. Main St. & Hazel Dell Parkway: Kick

πŸ”„004. Limehouse St.
πŸ”„005. Horseferry Rd.: Β ’17 International Roundabout of the Year

πŸ”„006. 106th St. & Gray Rd.
πŸ”„007. Windy Knoll Ln.

πŸ”„008. 96th St. & Ditch Rd.
πŸ”„009. Rhettsbury Rd.
πŸ”„010. Stanhope St.

πŸ”„011. 116th St. & Ditch Rd.
πŸ”„012. Clay Terrace Blvd. North
πŸ”„013. Clay Terrace Blvd. South
πŸ”„014. Oak Ridge Rd. & Bennet Rd.
πŸ”„015. Oak Ridge Rd. & Adios Pass
πŸ”„016. Meeting House Rd. & Montcalm St.
πŸ”„017. Winterhaven Rd.

πŸ”„018. 116th St. & Illinois St.
πŸ”„019. 131st St. & Illinois St.
πŸ”„020. 136th St. & Ditch Rd.
πŸ”„021. 136th St. & Spring Mill Rd.
πŸ”„022. 141st St. & Ditch Rd.
πŸ”„023. 141st St. & Spring Mill Rd.
πŸ”„024. 96th St. & Westfield Blvd.: Beacon Bloom
πŸ”„025. Spring Mill Rd. & 116th St.
πŸ”„026. Fairmount St. & Dumbarton St.
πŸ”„027. 10th St. & First Ave.

πŸ”„028. 106th St. & Spring Mill Rd.
πŸ”„029. 131st St. & Spring Mill Rd.
πŸ”„030. 126th St. & Illinois St.
πŸ”„031. Towne Rd. & Glebe St.
πŸ”„032. Golden Gate Dr.
πŸ”„033. Central Park W. (West)
πŸ”„034. Central Park W. (East)

πŸ”„035. 4th Ave. SW & Main St.: Carmel Arts Fountain
πŸ”„036. 116th St. & Shelborne Rd.
πŸ”„037. 96th St. & Spring Mill Rd.
πŸ”„038. 126th St. & Towne Rd.
πŸ”„039. Main St. & Old Meridian St.
πŸ”„040. 136th St. & Oak Ridge Rd.
πŸ”„041. Old Meridian St. & Pennsylvania St.
πŸ”„042. 103rd St. & Pennsylvania St.
πŸ”„043. Old Meridian St. & Grand Blvd.
πŸ”„044. Old Meridian St. & Guilford Rd.
πŸ”„045. 106th St. & Pennsylvania St.
πŸ”„046. Parson Gate & Chelmsford St.
πŸ”„047. Harleston St. & Pettigru Dr.

πŸ”„048. 116th St. & Clay Center Rd.
πŸ”„049. 141st St. & Towne Rd.
πŸ”„050.Β 131st St. & Towne Rd.
πŸ”„051. 136th St. & Rangeline Rd.
πŸ”„052. 136th St. & Towne Rd.
πŸ”„053. Spring Mill Rd. & Dorset Blvd.: The 10-Day Mini

πŸ”„054. 131st St. & Ditch Rd.
πŸ”„055. Keystone Pkwy & 136th St. WΒ Keystone Parkway
πŸ”„056. 131st St. & Clay Center Rd.
πŸ”„057. Keystone Pkwy & 106th St. W Keystone Parkway
πŸ”„058. Keystone Pkwy & 126th St. WΒ Keystone Parkway
πŸ”„059. Keystone Pkwy & 106th St. EΒ Keystone Parkway
πŸ”„060. Keystone Pkwy & 136th St. EΒ Keystone Parkway
πŸ”„061. Keystone Pkwy & 126th St. EΒ Keystone Parkway

πŸ”„062. Keystone Pkwy & Carmel Dr. WΒ Keystone Parkway
πŸ”„063. Keystone Pkwy & 116th St. WΒ Keystone Parkway
πŸ”„064. Hazel Dell Pkwy & Cherry Creek Blvd
πŸ”„065.Β Keystone Pkwy & 131st St. WΒ Keystone Parkway
πŸ”„066. 121st St. & Shelborne Rd.
πŸ”„067. 106th St. & Ditch Rd.
πŸ”„068.Β 126th St. & Shelborne Rd.
πŸ”„069. Keystone Pkwy & Carmel Dr. EΒ Keystone Parkway
πŸ”„070. Keystone Pkwy & 116th St. EΒ Keystone Parkway
πŸ”„071. Cherry Creek Blvd. & Community Dr.
πŸ”„072. Keystone Pkwy & 131st St. EΒ Keystone Parkway
πŸ”„073. Veterans Way: City Center

πŸ”„074. 131st St. & Shelborne Rd.
πŸ”„075. 96th St. & Shelborne Rd.
πŸ”„076. 96th St. & Commerce Dr./Augusta Dr.
πŸ”„077. 106th St & Shelborne Rd.

πŸ”„078. Clay Terrace Blvd. & Circle Dr.
πŸ”„079. Illinois St. & 111th St.

πŸ”„080. 96th St. & Towne Rd.

πŸ”„081. Illinois St. & Spring Mill Rd.

πŸ”„082. 136th St. & Rohrer Rd.
πŸ”„083. Pennsylvania St. & Main St.
πŸ”„084. US 31 & 136th St. W
πŸ”„085. Randall Dr.
πŸ”„086. 136th St. & Old Meridian Rd.
πŸ”„087. US 31 & 136th St. E
πŸ”„088. US 31 & Main St. E
πŸ”„089. US 31 & Main St. W
πŸ”„090. 111th St. & Pennsylvania St.
πŸ”„091. 116th St. & Pennsylvania St.
πŸ”„092. Main St. & Grand Blvd.
πŸ”„093. Illinois St. & 106th St.

πŸ”„094. US 31 & 106th St. W
πŸ”„095. US 31 & 106th St. E
πŸ”„096. US 31 & 116th St. W
πŸ”„097. US 31 & 116th St. E
πŸ”„098. Carey Rd. & Hawthorne Dr.
πŸ”„099. 116th St. & Gray Rd.
πŸ”„100. Carmel Dr. & Rangeline Rd.: Carmel’s 100th
πŸ”„101. 136th St & Carey Rd.
πŸ”„102. Pennsylvania St. & City Center Dr.

πŸ”„103. 126th St. & Kinzer Ave.
πŸ”„104. City Center Dr. & Rangeline Rd.: City Center
πŸ”„105. Carmel Dr. & City Center Dr.
πŸ”„106. Carmel Dr. & Guilford Rd.
πŸ”„107. 106th St. & Towne Rd.
πŸ”„108. 116th St. & Hazel Dell Pkwy: Β On Wheel
πŸ”„109. 136th St. & Gray Rd
πŸ”„110. 116th St. & Towne Rd.
πŸ”„111. 4th St. South & Rangeline Rd.
πŸ”„112. Guilford Rd. & City Center Dr.
πŸ”„113. Executive Dr. & Rangeline Rd.
πŸ”„114. 126th St. & Gray Rd.
πŸ”„115.Β 111th St. & Spring Mill Rd.

πŸ”„116. River Rd. & Cherry Creek Blvd.
πŸ”„117. 3rd Ave SW & City Center Dr.Β Paladium
πŸ”„118. 131st St. & Gray Rd.
πŸ”„119.Β 96th St. & Hazel Dell PkwyΒ 
πŸ”„120. 96th St. & Priority WayΒ 
πŸ”„121.Β Carmel Dr. & Old Meridian St.
πŸ”„122.Β Lowe’s Way
123. 🚦96th St. & Gray Rd. Scheduled for September-November 2018*

124. 🚦116th St. & Rangeline Rd.
125. 🚦Medical Dr. &. Rangeline Rd.
126. 🚦Main St. & Guilford Rd.
127. 🚦96th St. & Delegates Row
128. 🚦116th St. & AAA Way
129. 🚦Carmel Dr. & AAA Way
130. βž•6th St & Rangeline Rd.
131. 🚦96th St. & Keystone W Currently under construction
132. 🚦96th St. & Keystone E Currently under construction

None announced

133. 🚦116th St. & College Ave.
134. 🚦116th St. & Guilford Rd.
135. 🚦Carmel Dr. & Pennsylvania St.

Remaining Unscheduled Stoplights in Carmel, IN
01. 🚦106th St. & Westfield Blvd.**
02. 🚦106th St. & College Ave.**
03. 🚦116th St. & River Rd.
04. 🚦Carmel Dr. & 3rd Ave. SW
05. 🚦96th St. & Meridian St.
06. 🚦96th St. & College Ave.**
07. 🚦96th St. & Randall Dr.
08. 🚦96th St. & Martin Marietta
09. 🚦96th St & Aronson Dr
10. 🚦96th St. & Michigan Rd.
11. 🚦Michigan Rd. & Retail Way
12. 🚦Michigan Rd. & 99th St.
13. 🚦Michigan Rd. & 106th St.
14. 🚦Main St. & 4th Ave. SE
15. 🚦Main St. & Rangeline Rd.

Notable Carmel Intersections with Stop Signs
01. πŸ›‘111th St. & College Ave.**
02. πŸ›‘111th St. & Westfield Blvd.**
03. πŸ›‘141st St. & Shelbourne Rd.
04. πŸ›‘136th St. & Ironwood Dr.

**08.19.18,Β Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard said he’d like to see roundabouts constructed in Home Place at:
96th Street and College Avenue
106th Street and College Avenue
111th Street and College Avenue
106th Street and Westfield Boulevard
111th Street and Westfield Boulevard

Westfield/Carmel Border Intersections
(Under Westfield’s Jurisdiction)

πŸ”„W1. 146th St. & Ditch Rd.
πŸ”„W2. 146th St. & Towne Rd.
01. πŸ›‘146th St. & Eagle Creek
02. πŸ›‘146th St. & Shelbourne Rd.
03. 🚦146th St. & Spring Mill Rd.
04. 🚦146th St. & Oak Ridge Rd.
05. 🚦146th St. & Rohrer Way
06. 🚦146th St. & Clay Center
07. 🚦146th St. & US 31 South
08. 🚦146th St. & US 31 North
09. 🚦146th St. & Lowes Way
10. 🚦146th St. & Cool Creek Commons
11. 🚦146th St. & Carey Rd.
12. 🚦146th St. & Gray Rd.
13. 🚦146th St. & Hazel Dell Pkwy.
14. 🚦146th St. & Cherry Tree Rd.
15. 🚦146th St. & Community Dr.
16. 🚦146th St. & River Rd.

Carmel Traffic Circles
TC01. ⭕️Sedgemoor Cir.
TC02. ⭕️Westpark Dr.
TC03. ⭕️Deerfield Cir.
TC04. ⭕️Ridgegate Ln.
TC05. ⭕️Parsons Gate & Chelmsford St.
TC06. ⭕️Lakeside Apts. North
TC07. ⭕️Lakeside Apts. South
TC08. ⭕️Central Park Dr. E. (West)
TC09. ⭕️Central Park Dr. E. (East)
TC10. ⭕️Buttonwood Dr. North
TC11. ⭕️Buttonwood Dr. South
TC12. ⭕️Founders Park West
TC13. ⭕️Founders Park East
TC14. ⭕️Breaklines St. N
TC15. ⭕️Breaklines St. S

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